Digitalize the subscription to real estate loans

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Your issues: A complete and digitalized customer subscription process.

Today's users are more connected, more in a hurry and in high demand for personalized subscription experiences.
The traditional processes for underwriting mortgages are no longer adapted to these new uses: simulation, sending supporting documents, face-to-face meetings, telephone reminders, etc. And this for low conversion rates and high acquisition costs.

Our solution: Digitize your real estate loan subscription paths without IT development.

  • Our solution creates a digital version of your home loan offers accessible via an API that complies with Open Banking standards (STET).
  • You enable brokers to offer, in their existing interfaces, a standardized real estate loan underwriting process: it includes the duty to advise, the personalized commercial proposal and the contractualization.
  • Your customer gets an online proposal that is identical to the one received in a bank branch. They can accept it and sign the contractual documents in less than 10 minutes.
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Your benefits: save time and increase subscriptions.

10 minutes

To subscribe online to a real estate loan.

0 IT development

To embed in an existing interface a real estate loan application path.


Annual credit production.

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They have moved to Open Banking dedicated to online subscription to real estate loans.

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