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Your challenges: Dematerialize the subscription to private debt investment products.

With a personalized digital platform, asset managers can offer their clients the opportunity to invest in bonds in a matter of minutes, track their investments and the interest earned.
The organization of club deals is facilitated to engage investors according to their profiles.

Our solution: A turnkey platform to digitize the subscriptions of your customers and distributors.

  • You allow your investors to choose in a few minutes and in full autonomy, the bonds in which to invest.
  • Your distributor partners digitize their advisory duties and offer investment opportunities to their customers.
  • Your administrator area allows you to set up and publish investment opportunities in bonds.
  • Each bond issuer has a space to propose investment opportunities and organize club deals.
  • Connected with your solutions, the platform allows you to share data on the follow-up of subscriptions and invoicing of distributors' commissions.
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Your benefits: Increased success rates, investor and subscription volumes.


Subscription success rate.


Average annual subscription volume.


New investors per year.

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They have moved to distributing bonds and private debt products in open architecture.

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