Digitalize the marketing of innovation mutual funds

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Your challenges: Deliver a digital, self-sustaining 100% subscription experience to your customers and distributors.

Exclusively paper-based, the processing of subscriptions to FCPIs takes several weeks. Validations of subscriptions are slowed down because of their non-compliance. The management companies wish to dematerialize the subscription to mutual funds, to respect the conformity, without IT development.

Our solution: Dematerialize the marketing of your
mutual funds online.

  • You launch your personalized platform, and integrate the tax, legal and internal business constraints.
  • You allow your clients and distributors to subscribe to mutual funds in only 10 minutes.
  • You have a space for monitoring customer accounts and transactions.
  • Asset management advisors or distributors have a space to initiate subscriptions that are finalized by the investor.

Each client can subscribe to mutual funds by going through the following steps:

  • Customer knowledge,
  • Profile/product matching test,
  • Consultation of the product sheets,
  • Subscription with management of co-subscription cases,
  • Automatic filling of documents to be signed and online signature,
  • Payment via bank accounts such as share and securities account.

Wealth management advisors or distributors have a space to initiate subscriptions, which are then finalized by the investor.

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Your benefits: save time and increase subscriptions.

< 10 minutes

To subscribe to an unlisted investment product.

1 month

For the implementation of your platform.


Volume of online subscriptions per year.

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They have moved to distributing mutual funds in open architecture.

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