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The scalable and personalized funding software.

Launch your white label platform with unmatched customization options.

The main Features

100 % personalized

Set your users experience. Use your brand, your domain name, design and edit your HTML, CSS and nJavascript


Set the conditions to access your platform. Opt for access by subscription or validation by the administrator. Your platform can be public or private

Secure data

The intuitive administration interface gives you easy access to your users' data. SSL encryption technology ensures datas security

Payment solutions

Choose your payment system. Accept single or recurring payments. Multiple currencies and geographical areas are covered by our partnerHPME

Flexible technology

Choose the features that suit you to create your crowdsourcing, crowdlending, crowdfunding or crowdequity platform


Follow the activity of users, transactions, successes and failures. Optimize the traffic on your platform

Solution "cloud" securized

In case of peak or decreased activity, our cloud architecture adapts. Automated backups ensure business continuity.

Compatible mobile, tablet

The user experience is optimized for your platform for a tablet browsing, mobile, PC or laptop.

Connected to social networks

Simplify the registration of your users. Give a viral dimension to your platform through the sharing of projects and interests on social networks.

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