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Your challenges: A complete, multi-channel, compliant subscription journey.

Life insurance products are traditionally purchased face-to-face with an advisor.
The numerous round trips increase the risk of non-compliance and the cost of processing subscriptions.
To offer subscription on their interfaces, distributors must conduct a complete IT project with the provider that can take several months.

Our solution: Offer standardized subscription paths to life insurance products.

  • Our solution creates a digital version of your life insurance offer.
  • You edit the subscription path according to the suppliers' requirements without any IT development.
  • Your distribution partners have advisor access to the paths and can add steps related to the duty to advise and customer profiling.
  • Your customers can subscribe online in a few clicks with or without the assistance of their advisor.
  • Subscription data is automatically shared with the suppliers' information system to perform management actions.
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Your benefits: reduce compliance risk and democratize the purchase of life insurance products online.

10 minutes

Pour souscrire à un contrat d’assurance vie.

20 days

Pour commercialiser un produit d’assurance vie sur étagère sans aucun développement informatique.

4000+ distribution partners

Can carry out the online subscription on behalf of their customers.

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They have moved to Open Insurance dedicated to subscription to life insurance products.

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