Create your white-label financial services distribution platform

Asset managers, distribute all your services and products online on a white label platform

Create your platform to distribute your financial products or services

Online access for all your customers

Online access for all your customers

  • Digitize your customer relationship
    Digitalize your entire customer relationship by offering a personalized and dedicated space for your customers

  • Platform management with total autonomy
    Your clients can manage their investment profiles and transactions without being accompanied (investment criteria, subscription, reporting generation, e-signature...)

  • Direct access at any time
    Your clients follow in real time the evolution of their investments, the operations’ documentation and can directly communicate with you.

Dedicated access for each wealth advisor

Dedicated access for each wealth advisor

  • Connect your wealth managers
    Follow up on your distribution network by connecting your wealth management advisors to your online platform.

  • Management of customer operations
    The advisors can follow up with their customers and help them at each step of their online investments.

  • Management mandates
    Manage the mandates by allowing access to your products only to a certain group of advisors and to their clients.

Save valuable time by digitizing your financial operations

Save valuable time by digitizing your financial operations

  • Fast implementation
    Take control of your financial distribution platform in a few days and without the help of an It team.

  • Investment indicators
    Launch new subscription operations and update all key indicators useful to your clients such as share price, exit price, dividend, return rate

  • Sale your unlisted products online
    Distribute, configure and verify all types of transactions and financial products on your platform: savings products, mutual funds, public corporation, life insurance...

Distribute your financial products online

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