Particeep API Documentation

Welcome to Particeep!
Discover our API for sell banking products and insurance online.
Take inspiration from code examples of our white label platforms to build your online financial product distribution platforms.

White label platforms

Set up online your distribution platform to sell financial products online directly and aggregate your distribution network. Start your business online now !

Banking API

Ideal to make accessible your products online through an API and sell your banking services online such as online credit or payment account opening

Insurance API

Integrate your insurance products premium calculation in our API and offer digital subscription of your product on your website or on any other marketplace


We offer a simple and modern Rest API and online dashboard to access financial services and products and sell them online, directly and through distribution partners.
With the API Particeep, we allow financial institutions to:

In addition to our APIs, we offer standard platforms as use cases to better understand the dependencies between our microservices and quickly start customizing your user journey.

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