Dematerialize the knowledge of your customers (KYC)

Improve your customer’s knowledge with the Particeep API

Perform your KYC procedure online

Automated data collection

Have a paperless environment. All data and documents related to the customer’s KYC are provided by the customer itself, by your partners or are automatically retrieved from third-party services or applications.

Verification of data online

Our API integrates several verification solutions for vouchers, strong authentication, and verification of social agents or scoring. So by offering a KYC online process, you can offer your customers the opportunity to subscribe to your online financial products and services in minutes

Respect for your compliance

Combine online customer data collection with all management rules and warning systems that allow you to comply with the regulations in force. Your customers also have space to update their data.

Our ambition is to reduce your compliance costs and your customer risk. We offer an API to switch from a paper KYC to a KYC online while remaining compliant with current regulations. We want to increase your customer volume by offering online subscription to your services securely.

We train the teams of our customers so that they can use the solutions of Particeep independently. We provide our customers with a number of video tutorials and a help centre to simplify the implementation of the API and get started with our white label financial distribution platforms.

Customizing customer service

Collect KYC information from your customers online. Market your financial products and services online and offer a personalized customer experience

Internationalization of your offer

The modularity of the Particeep API makes it possible to adapt to several regulatory constraints related to customer knowledge and KYC. So you can easily market your financial services online to customers from different geographical areas

Keep control of your data

The Particeep API receives and sends KYC customer data feeds to your core-banking, back office tools, and internal business tools. We offer traceability of all data and guarantee their integrity

Distribute your financial products online

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