Market your savings products online on your white label platform

Submit an online subscription directly or through your distributors to your investment products

A distribution platform for your turnkey and customizable financial products

Dematerialization of customer knowledge

Collect online all the data and documents of your customers. Connect account aggregators and define your customer’s profile to offer the products and services that best suit them

100 % online subscription to your offer

Your product offering becomes available online. Your customers can directly or through a wealth management consultant to consult, contract online and make the payment from a secured platform in white label

Sign in to the account holder and your management tools

Our turnkey distribution platform for financial products is based on the Particeep API. It makes it easy to transfer the data and documents related to the subscription to account holders, CRM, your management tools or back office software packages

Our ambition is to simplify online underwriting of listed and unlisted savings products. We are offering asset management companies and their wealth management advisors the opportunity to upgrade to a paperless environment to reduce their customer acquisition and transaction processing costs while remaining compliant with current regulations. We want asset management companies to become more competitive by leveraging our white label financial distribution platforms

A distribution platform for your operational performance

All your distribution network on a platform

Manage your distribution mandates, your commissions and follow all the activity of your partners. Particeep offers to federate and expand online your distribution network

Your customer relationship becomes digital

Offer a value-added service to your customers. You have a personalized space for subscribing and monitoring their investments. Customize the proposed bespoke investment solutions based on your customers’ data

Increase subscription volumes

Distribute your investment products on online, offline and mobile channels. Use our turnkey online distribution platform to offer your products based on your customers’ demand, collect customer interests and reach investors outside your borders

Distribute your financial products online

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