Automate the online distribution of your banking and insurance services without any IT development

Offer the online subscription to your products and services on your interfaces and those of your distributors via a customizable widget

A customizable widget to access and subscribe to your online financial services

Customization of the subscription journey

Define and personalize all the steps of your online sales process, from pricing to contracting, without a line of code. Integrate to our solution your pricing policy, the contractual elements and the customer data to be collected and verified.

A customizable script to copy / paste to subscribe to your products on any online interface

Generate a script to subscribe to your products on any web or mobile interface. No IT development is required to access and subscribe to your financial services on your interfaces and partners websites (distributors, comparators, marketplaces...)

Make use of the collected data

Collect all subscription data from your back office. Use the Particeep API to interface the management tools of your choice (insurer back office, sales management tools, core-banking, core-insurance...)

Our ambition is to simplify the online subscription of all financial services offered by banks, insurance and, asset management companies. With the Particeep Plug solution, we generate a customizable JavaScript code. Copy and paste this code to your website in order to expose and distribute online your banking and insurance products in minutes !

Deploy in a few days your open banking and open insurance offer online

A PSD2 compliant API for your products and customer data

Create a unified and accessible repository of your customer data and product offerings in a single API. You don’t involve your IT department, you control the access rights to your products, and you choose the interface protocol of the solution with your tools and those of your partners.

Your financial services available online via a widget or via a secure API

Define the financial services to distribute online and the subscription journey directly from your back office. You can also develop your custom subscription journey by directly integrating the Particeep API.

Immediate access to customer data

Access from your back office to the customer data and conversion tunnels of your subscription journey. Use our webhooks to schedule your notification.

Distribute your financial products online

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