Sell banking and insurance products online via a subscription widget

The Particeep Plug solution allows you to transform any website or mobile application into a digital subscription space. Financial services become accessible online and their distribution has no limit!

Particeep Plug: the solution that democratizes access to banking, and insurance offerings by third-parties

Give access to distributors and keep control over the online distribution of your products

Reference your products and the associated subscription journey in a secure API. Allow partner distributors to market your banking and insurance offers on any web or mobile interface. Keep control over your sales policy.

Industrialize the online sale of your financial products via a customizable widget

With a script to copy + paste, the online subscription to your banking and insurance offers becomes possible on any website or partner application within a few minutes. The widget can be customized according to the distributor’s graphic charter.

Ensure your customers’commitment from underwriting to contract management

Your websites and those of your partners become real banking and insurance agencies connected to your existing management tools. Your customers can subscribe online to your offers 24/7 for the same price condition as the one implemented in the physical branches. All subscription data are shared with your existing management tools through a Rest API.

With the Particeep Plug solution, we give controlled and secure access to banking and insurance products, and we allow retail partners (marketplaces, brokers, networks, etc.) to generate more subscriptions in just a few clicks. Indeed, Particeep Plug generates for each financial service a secure javascript code to copy + paste in order to deploy an end-to-end subscription journey on any website or application

Particeep Plug, the modular distribution solution for banking and insurance products

Access an online catalog of banking and insurance products

Request online access to banking and insurance offers intended for distribution in just a few clicks on any website and mobile applications.

Engage customers immediately by offering the best price and the best deals

Offer the best price to your customers within a few minutes. Automatically offer tailored additional offers to your clients. Engage your customers through a step-by-step subscription process.

Connect your management tools and leverage customer data

Access from your powerful back-office to customer data, subscriptions and contracts. Interface your back-office with your existing management tools (CRM, contract management tool, etc.)

Some features

Selection of banking and insurance products you want to reference.

Modular subscription path designed according to the offers intended for distribution.

Powerful back office centralizing all subscriptions, contracts, etc.

Automated verification of data and customer documents.

Electronic signature of documents and contracts.

Customizable script to copy + paste to sell your offers on any site.

Offer the best price and related offers to your customers.

Ability to reference a new product to be distributed.

Contract management tools and CRM connector.

Distribute your financial products online

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