Sell​ your services online with the Particeep API

We allow you to sell your services around our API

Our API users have direct access to your services

Highlighting your API

Your services are visible to our customers and already integrated into our API. The customer has no integration to make and simply adheres to your service

Highlighting your expertise as a Particeep API integrator

Our customers are developing their own user interfaces using our financial services distribution API. We offer our customers the services of Particeep API integration experts to save time and reduce operational risk

Highlighting your consulting expertise

Particeep is not a service company and relies on a network of experts that can provide advice for its customers that want to integrate the API Particeep into their internal information system

Our ambition is to create an ecosystem conducive to the distribution of financial services products online. We therefore facilitate access to our customers to the expertise related to API integration as well as new technologies. We enable you to capture new customers without bearing the cost of acquisition

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