Our clients :

Banks, insurers, asset management companies and distributors of financial services.

Join the 100+ financial institutions which have chosen Particeep solutions to distribute their financial products and services online without any IT development.

Particeep offers banks the turnkey solution Particeep Plug to deploy online subscription to their banking products without IT development on any website or mobile application.

Particeep Plug makes it possible to industrialize the distribution of banking offers on direct distribution channels and via distribution partners in less than a month.
Our solution is based on an Open Banking API that is 100% suitable with market standards. It simplifies the sharing and aggregation of customer data with existing information systems (core-banking) and internal bank management tools.
Banks can dematerialize customer engagement, automate recommendations and subscriptions to all of their offers: account opening, mortgage, etc.

Crédit Agricole
Crédit du nord

Particeep offers insurance companies a no-code solution to digitize their product repository and create online subscription paths for their offers without IT development.

With Particeep plug, insurance companies distribute their products on their websites and on those of their distributor partners in just a few clicks.
Based on a Rest API, Particeep Plug automates the sharing of subscription data with internal tools.
Subscribing to insurance products in self-care or with the assistance of an advisor on any web interface or mobile application becomes possible with a copy + paste of a single line of code.

The Particeep Plug solution allows brokers to request online access to banking and insurance products. Thus, they digitize their subscriptions on their site or mobile application in one click.

With Particeep Plug, brokers digitize the distribution of offers with a line of code to copy and paste, guaranteeing compliance in regards to their duty to advise. Finally, they industrialize, with our Rest API, the sharing of customer data with their existing tools, CRM.
Particeep Plug allows brokers to expand their offering and increase subscription volumes in less than a month and without any IT development!


Particeep Finstore enables asset management companies, in less than a month, to dematerialize customer knowledge, the adequacy of customer risk profile and product. The solution allows clients to subscribe to investment products online.

Particeep Finstore is a turnkey, white label, configurable online solution based on a Rest API. The off-the-shelf platform has a customer area, an administration area as well as a partner, distributor or advisor area.
Asset management companies can thus, by going paperless, reduce customer acquisition, distribution and legal compliance costs. They automate the processing of transactions with different information systems and account holders - custodians.
With Particeep Finstore, put digital at the heart of the direct and intermediated distribution strategy of your investment products.

Vatel Capital
Foncières & Territoires
Wallex Custody

With the white label solution Particeep Finstore, wealth management advisers can digitize the signing of their mandates, their duty to advise, the acquisition of new clients and the subscription to savings and investment products.

Particeep Finstore provides WMAs with a customizable dashboard for aggregating customer data, digitizing KYC/KYB, risk profile - product adequacy and subscription to listed and unlisted investment products. Our Rest API automates data sharing with existing internal and CRM tools.
As a 100% digital solution, WMAs optimize their commercial performance and monitor their activity indicators online (commissions, mandates, product performance, etc.).


The white label solution Particeep Finstore enables the digitalization of the distribution of listed investment products.

Financial advisers or salespeople can set personalized prices on tailor-made products for clients, who can then subscribe through a 100% digital process.
Our Rest API automates the sharing of subscription data with internal tools (Murex, etc.).
Particeep Finstore automates all investment processes in listed products, centralizes relationships and customer news on a single white label platform.