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Banks, insurers, and brokers

Particeep offers a turnkey solution to sell financial products and services on your websites and those of your partners.

Particeep Plug allows you to industrialize the online sale of credit and insurance offers on any website / mobile without IT development. You optimize customer engagement and automate the recommendations of your offers or those of your partners according to customer profiles.
The BankInsure API on which all Particeep solutions are based simplifies the integration of customer data into your existing information systems (core banking or core insurance system) and your internal management tools.

Crédit Mutuel Arkea
Crédit Agricole
Crédit du Nord
Weelly Pro
Weelly Pro

Asset management companies and wealth management advisors

Particeep offers you a turnkey white-label solution to reduce customer acquisition, transaction processing and legal compliance costs.

Particeep Finstore allows you to dematerialize customer knowledge, customer and product profile matching and then offer a 100% digital subscription to investment products.You propose to your distribution partners a dedicated space for monitoring customers, mandates and commissions.You offer your customers a dedicated space for underwriting, monitoring their operations and communications.

Groupe Nass
BRED Banque populaire
Foncières & Territoires
Medef Accélérateur


Particeep offers a turnkey crowdfunding solution, and a Rest API allowing you to develop your service in a few weeks.

Particeep Crowdy allows you in a few clicks to create a white-label crowdfunding platform (loans, equity, bonds, and donations).
Our API BankInsure is ideal for fintechs wishing to develop a personalized service based on our ready-to-use 240+ financial micro-services.


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