Dematerialize your subscription process

With Particeep,
the providers and distributors of banking, insurance and investment products can onboard their subscription paths

  • On any platform,
  • Without any IT development.
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Our turnkey solutions to dematerialize the distribution of your financial products

  • Digitize your financial product catalog in less than a month.
  • Customize online subscription paths for end customers and advisors without IT development.
  • Multiply your financial products online sales points with our "Embedded finance" solutions.

Signing up online for financial products, either autonomously or accompanied by an advisor, and across all of your channels, will only take a few minutes.

Why banks, insurance companies, management companies and financial product distributors choose Particeep

Deploy online subscription quickly

  • Customized subscription paths available in less than a month,
  • Training in the use of our no-code financial product distribution solutions.

Ensure compliance

  • Compliance with the regulations in force,
  • Respect of your internal compliance,
  • Guarantee of the security of your data.

Provide the best customer experience

  • Access to the best technologies for the customer experience (identity verification, payment, signature...),
  • Access to off-the-shelf web and mobile subscription paths for end customers and advisors.

Increase the volume of subscriptions

  • Optimization of costs and processing times for subscriptions,
  • Multiply your acquisition channels on any site or application with ease.
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What our clients say

Eric Saidi

"In September 2020, we launched a Real Estate fundraising to make it easier for our clients to build up their down payment via a matching .

To carry out this project, we chose to work with Particeep to create this new service, which has met a great success with the market.

During the implementation of the project, we appreciated the tool of "fundraising" that was made available to us as much as the service and support of the Particeep Team. The project team has been reactive and attentive to our needs."

Eric Saidi - Marketing, sales and customer relations department - Nexity
Ezzedin ghlamallah

"We needed a digital and agile 100% solution to deploy our Funeral Insurance Takaful Sakina offering.

Today, thanks to the Particeep solution, members of our Takaful Sakina funeral insurance offer make their own quotes and register their memberships in an autonomous and entirely dematerialized manner, which allows SAAFI to provide them with flexibility and responsiveness."

Ezzedine Ghlamallah - Co-founder - SAAFI
Pascal Chalot

"The objective of our partnership with Particeep is to facilitate our customers' access to the benefits brought by the Bourquin, Hamon and Lagarde laws, in the renegotiation of their loan insurance contract, with a digitized and automated 100% solution from the termination of the old contract to the subscription of the new one."

Pascal Chalot - President - Ma Nouvelle Assurance
Romane thibout

"We chose Particeep to facilitate the dematerialized subscriptions of our customers and partners.

This tool allows us to provide a new way to invest, but also to process quickly our subscriptions, especially through electronic signature."

Romane Thibout - Business Manager - Foncières et Territoires
Olivier Demizieux

"The IT developments that enable the creation of subscription tunnels are often long and require a significant amount of capacity on the part of the IT and project management teams. If the question of setting up these paths for products such as car or home insurance does not arise, it is quite different for certain other offers.

The Particeep Plug solution allowed us to get around this constraint by developing a subscription tunnel for group insurance offers within six weeks with attractive development costs."

Olivier Demizieux - Digital Transformation Department - Groupama
David Ancelin

"The digitization of our insurance processes, both for our own brand and for our partners, has become essential in order to respond to the current acceleration in digital usage and to improve the experience offered to our customers.

Particeep's Plug solution has allowed us to save valuable time in the deployment of our digital strategy through turnkey pathways that are easy to integrate and duplicate for all of our partners."

David Ancelin - Digital Manager - MetLife France
Patrick Ribeiro

"We chose Particeep to accelerate the digitalization of the acquisition of real estate loans. Through this partnership, we want to offer a simple and fast solution for interfacing with brokers, and thus facilitate the acquisition of new customers."

Patrick Ribeiro - Director of IT projects and Bank as a Platform - Crédit du Nord
Olivier Thomas

"We chose Particeep for the speed of the project implementation, the possibility to perform a POC to refine our need and select the features to be embedded, its expertise on the customer journey and experience, the integrated support and maintenance as well as the possibility to integrate the Particeep platform into the ARKEA group's internal cloud."

Olivier Thomas - Head of banking products Crédit Mutuel Arkéa
Crédit Agricole logo

"Our partnership with Particeep was motivated by the feedback on concrete use cases, full digital customer journeys as well as the expertise provided on advanced technological bricks. Support in the implementation of our roadmap, and an agile organization of exchanges contribute to the success of our project."

Gael Roger - Direction DBT / Service Transformation Digitale - Brie Picardie

They have integrated open finance into their product distribution.

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