Particeep for FinTech

Create your innovative solutions with the Particeep API

Develop your user interfaces, integrate our API and launch your innovative service quickly


How do you quickly create a finance, banking, investment or insurance service online and with a controlled budget?


We offer turnkey financial services via our API. To create your service, you develop your user interfaces and integrate our API. We also offer white label platforms for fintech with no IT resources.


Limit your initial investment during your launch. Accelerate your go to market by offering an operational solution in a short time

With the Particeep API and financial white label distribution platforms, fintechs accelerate the launch of their products on the market. The Particeep API integrates several third-party APIs, fintech can quickly test their innovations with a controlled budget and implementing the integration of a single API.

Particeep products for fintech

API banking

Create innovative services in the banking sector

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API Insurance

Create innovative services in the insurance sector

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White label platforms

Launch your online finance or savings product distribution service in minutes

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Distribute your financial products online

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