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A smart API for creating and offering your insurance service online

The Particeep API allows you to dematerialize your insurance product repository. It simplifies data collection, premium calculation and online contracting directly or via your network of brokers.

Offer your users a subscription experience with just a few clicks

Use the Particeep API to make your product repository available online and offer a 100 % online subscription

Open and connected API

An open API, which communicates with all your internal applications and with the third-party services of your choice

Big data technology

An API that creates for you an online library of products, data and customer documents useful for online subscription to your products.

Mutable templates

Multiply customer experiences online or through your broker network based on a single API


Your customers can subscribe to your insurance products online, with just a few clicks, live or via your network.

Fast implementation

Get all the financial services to subscribe to an online insurance product and quickly develop your target customer interface

Guaranteed security

The Particeep Insurance API is compliant with your security and legal requirements

Your online insurance

The digital insurance API of Particeep

Particeep financial services

Particeep offers in its API, micro-financial services allowing you to market your insurance products (non-life) online or through your network of brokers.

  • Collection of customer data

  • Product listing

  • Premium calculation

  • Online subscription: membership, payment and signature

  • Management of commissions and mandates of distributors

  • Data Analysis and Customer Reporting Service

Third party connected services

The Particeep API connects to the third-party services of your choice so you can simplify the online distribution of your non-life insurance products very quickly!

  • Identity verification

  • Electronic signature

  • Scoring

  • Blockchain

  • Online payment

  • Online communication

  • Your internal monitoring tools

Example of use case

Subscription to non-life insurance online

Propose to your customers and prospects to subscribe online to your non-life insurance products directly or through your brokers (ex: insurance borrower, mutual etc.)

Distribute your financial products online

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