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An open API designed for traditional banks and new players in digital banking

Particeep’s Banking-as-a-Platform API (BaaP) offers turnkey banking services to market your banking products online very quickly

With the Particeep API, all your financial products and services are directly accessible online

Offer your products online via an open architecture API, connect the services and third-party application of your choice

One sole integration

Group your product repository, financial services, and third-party services into one API

Modular API

Turnkey financial services that can be integrated into your technical environment

Replicable models

One application for all your systems and interfaces (mobile, PC, etc.)

Speed ​​of implementation

Submit your online financial service offer in just one month

PSD2 / MIF compliant

Particeep end-to-end technology allows you to comply with PSD2 regulations

Guaranteed security

The Particeep Banking-as-a-Platform API is 100% secure

Build your digital bank

The Particeep Banking-as-a-Platform API

Particeep financial services

Particeep offers microservices in its API that allow you to integrate your financial products and services and market online.

  • KYC Data Collection Service

  • Account Opening Services

  • Electronic wallet service

  • Credit card creation service

  • IBAN creation service

  • Online credit service

  • User scoring service

  • Data Analysis and Reporting Service

Third party services

The Particeep API connects to the third-party services of your choice to enable you to offer your financial products and services and those of your partners online.

  • Identity verification

  • Electronic signature

  • Business and user scoring

  • Online payment

  • Account Aggregator

  • Blockchain

  • Online communication

  • Other services connected in API

    • legal

    • recruitment:

    • on demand

Some use cases

Opening an online bank account

Thanks to the API Particeep, allow your customers to open an online bank account and generate payment methods very quickly (credit card, iBan, ewallet etc.)

Online credit application and granting

Market your loan offers online. Your customers make a simulation online, get a personalized offer and contract in minutes

Distribute your financial products online

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