Create your private website to organize your projects funding

Federate your community (investors, partners, customers, employees) around your funding website

Create your own website of fundraising

Your fundraising website available in a few minutes

  • Bring online your fundraising website
    You have a back office management, a secure dataroom, a url and a website to present your customized funding project. You manage the graphic charter, the contents, the confidentiality and the access rules to your financing project.

  • Import your contacts
    Invite your community to access your project and share it on social media. Capitalize on our notoriety and the reputation of your network.

  • Define the access rules to your website
    Widgets and your chosen url allow you to make your funding project accessible by email, on your network websites and applications. Simplified user experience allows you to support the project in less than 3 clicks on computer, mobile and tablet.

  • Limit your costs
    Limit your access to financial and investment management costs. Do not pay any commission on the collected amounts; limit the number of financial intermediaries.

Manage your funding from A to Z

  • Define your project details
    Make available some information and documents related to you and your funding project. Integrate legal documents that can be signed online. Build trust and allow potential investors to make a quick decision.

  • Find support in your community
    If you use a bonds funding platform, you have to respect the legal requirements. Make your site accessible through all your social media, invite your contacts and communicate with the interested investors.

  • Closing the financing operation
    Collect investment intentions and offline payments by bank transfer or check. Send documents for electronic signature. In the case of equity funding, your capitalization tables are automatically updated.

  • Analyse your results
    Keep your community engaged through publications. Share the activity reports with your investors. Analyse activity statistics (views, investment intentions, visits, reactions on publications) on your website.

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