Distribute quickly SCPI (real estate investment funds)

The turnkey technology of Particeep is agile, flexible and customizable.

Launch your SCPI (Real estate investment) platform with Particeep

Democratize access to SCPI

  • Real estate investment funds
    Democratize access to real estate investment funds through a white label platform offering a customized user experience.

  • Reduce operational subscription cost
    Dematerialize on your platform the entire process of subscribing to SCPI investment products from customer knowledge to subscription and redemption operations

  • Manage small subscription tickets
    Expand your target of subscribers by giving non-professional investors the opportunity to subscribe to SCPI products without any intervention by your teams on your platform.

  • Federate investors on a customized platform
    Customise your platform and allow your investors a unique user experience, adapted to their goals.

Dematerialize the management of your mass data

  • Subscription in a few clicks for investors
    Customize all the steps to subscribe to SCPI products as required. Opt for online payment and for an electronic signature of generic documents.

  • Fast customer qualification (KYC, KYB, risk classification)
    Optimize knowledge of your individual and professional customers online. Collect the information necessary to systematically propose products corresponding to their risk profile.

  • Full reporting tables (eg, customer behavior)
    Analyze the activity of your platform and your customers. Discover their preferences; analyze their behavior in order to best orient your marketing strategy.

  • Generation and electronic signature of legal documents (subscription forms, for example)
    Dematerialize all legal documentation related to operations. The online documents can be pre-filled and signed by an unprecedented time saving in the execution of operations

Give your investors an innovative private space

  • Secure subscription or online expressions of interest
    Your investors can subscribe to your products directly or through your network of wealth management advisors.

  • Synthetic and detailed vision of investment opportunities
    Your investors can check all the opportunities in one place. They choose the product that best suits their profile.

  • Consultation and follow-up of the latest operations
    Monitor your portfolio’s performance, performance and arbitrage strategies.

  • Fund information portal (news, documents ...)
    Publish all news and documentation about your activities and products. Measure the interest of your investors and distributing partners.

  • Customized report generation
    No more manual reporting. Connect your data repository and create your reporting templates that are automatically designed and made available toyour customers after your validation. Give your customers hands to customize their reporting.

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