Create your white label real estate crowdfunding platform

Federate investors, promoters and distribution partners around a single platform

In a few clicks, create a secured real estate crowdfunding platform, compliant with the applicative regulation

Your platform available in a few weeks

  • Define your activity
    If you are a real estate actor, you can create an equity funding on a private platform. You can also choose to become a real estate crowdfunding actor by getting the legal compliance (agreements...)

  • Customize your platform from A to Z
    Adapt the platform to your graphic identity. Customize your contents and your client journeys. Choose the key features you’d like to implement: club deal, distributors or wealth managers, online signing, online payment…

  • Benefit from the technical and operational support
    Our teams are at your disposal to advise you on the legal, marketing aspects of your real estate crowdfunding platform.

Start your online business with an adapted income model

  • Opt for a platform with or without public offering
    Launch your online platform immediately. If you don’t have an agreement, start with a private funding platform and then open it to the general public once you obtain your agreements.

  • Focus on your business development
    You do not need IT resources. Particeep offers a turnkey platform, focus your efforts on acquiring projects and developing your community.

  • Manage your costs
    Reduce your IT costs by opting for the white label crowdfunding solution. Control your budget and evolve your platform according to the growth of your business.

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