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Asset management With the API REST of Particeep, we develop white label financial platforms for the asset management companies. Asset management
Banks Our financial technological platforms are adapted to all the banking products, they allow to create online marketplaces very quickly. Banks
Fintechs Particeep offers to fintechs customizable and ready for use investment platform. We state a clear annual budget onto which we do not add any IT extra cost or any other development costs. Fintechs
Distribution platform for financial products Asset managers sell your products online on a secured platform without the help of any IT staff. Asset management
Investment marketplace Launch easily and quickly a customized investment, crowdfunding or a private funding platform Asset management
Plateforme spécifique Banks and innovation labs are using the Particeep API to create their investment platforms with their customized roadmap, user experience, functionalities and third party services Asset management, banks, fintechs
Crowdfunding insurance service The API Particeep insurance allows you to offer investors on your platform the protection of their investments on your platform. Banks
API and third party services integration Particeep integrates easily with many third-party services that are useful to create your financial services platform. Asset management, banks, fintechs
Crowdlending or peer to peer lending The Particeep technology allows you to create your own crowdlending platform for your projects. Asset management, banks, fintechs
Plateforme de co-investissement Particeep is the best solution to manage your online investment activities from the files on company selection to the participants’ exit Asset management
Crowdfunding platform Particeep is the best solution platform to create and manage your crowdfunding activity. Fintechs
The Particeep Rest API roadmap The Particeep API is in constant evolution in order to match the developers’ needs and investment marketplace. Asset management, banks, fintechs
Digital banking The Particeep technology allows you to quickly get started on any digital transformation projects for your banking products and services. Banks

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