Build your white label crowdfunding platform

Particeep technology enables you to create and to customize your white label crowdfunding platform

A powerful back office to create and manage your white label crowdfunding platform

Quick start of your crowdfunding platform

  • Available templates
    They are many templates available with design integration and in which you can add your own user experience, so you can get a quick start in your marketplace.

  • Manage your budget
    You do not need to hire an IT team to get started. The Particeep solution platform works for all of your IT interfaces.

  • Team expertise
    Our operation and IT teams will follow you through each development phase from launching to operation management.

Community management

  • Manage your crowdfunding campaigns
    Follow up on your crowdfunding operations throughout their entire life cycle from selecting your files to your investors exit.

  • Communication back office
    You can connect with your customers via live chat, internal chat, group chat or email push notification.

  • Connect any third party services
    Your platform is liked to all of your social media accounts; our API allows you to share your data with other third party services such as aggregator.

A sustainable activity

  • Security
    Your data are secured via certificates and daily work save. The payments are checked by an accredited credit branch, which aims to protect your platform against any possible frauds.

  • Up-to-date features
    Particeep shares monthly updates on many functionalities and it is up to you to pick the ones that fit your activity the most. Also, your inquiries will be saved within the software’s roadmap.

  • Scalability
    Your platform is automatically hosted on an extensive cloud based on your activity or you can choose to host it on a particular server.

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