Solution to distribute online financial, investments or saving products

For wealth managers and distributors of financial products

Implement your customized and secure solution for the online distribution of financial and banking products

Perform your online management actions

  • Edit the customer knowledge document online
    Collect your customers information directly online. Realize and generate online their balance sheets and advisory reports.

  • E-sign and archive legal documents online
    Dematerialize all documents of your management actions (subscription form, advisory report, customer knowledge document) and share them for electronic signature. All your documents are then archived and accessible by you and your client.

  • Manage actions for your clients
    Complete online subscription, redemption and transactions for your clients. Orders are then transmitted online via a file after interfacing with the custodians.

Digitalize your customer relationship

  • A tracking and reporting space for your customers
    Your customers can update their data or documents in full autonomy. They can also track the performance of their portfolios and access all the reporting documents available.

  • Aggregate customer data
    Simplify the implementation of the client’s wealth strategy by providing a complete overview of its investments. Also, simplfy the setting up of arbitration through customized simulators.

  • Manage your costs and revenues
    Limit the costs of acquiring, retaining and processing customer transactions by switching to digital. Focus on advising and developing your customer and product portfolio. Have a real-time view of your distribution costs.

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