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Boost your digital banking transformation with Particeep

Particeep offers a ready-to-use financial services API to facilitate the digital transformation of banks

Distribute your banking products and services in a different way

Distribute your banking products and services in a different way

  • Optimize your acquisition costs: offer your customers a customized user journey and collect online data in order to offer your products live along with your profile.

  • An accessible web and mobile technology: become an actual digital bank by offering your services via innovating platforms.

  • Adapt your business strategy: increase your distribution network with the Particeep’s technology and offer a complete recast of your operational costs without impacting the technical architecture already in place.

Increase your banking activity profit

Increase your banking activity profit

  • Multiply your sales opportunities: get a sale strategy for your products and services via a platform or an app, decrease your operational costs and increase your sales even more as customers do most of their transactions on desktop or mobile.

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  • Stabilize your IT investments: Particeep offers an API built of many ready to use functionalities and dedicated to the banking sector. You can then customize the customer experience to your own activity in order to rationalize the process and transfer most of your operations directly to the customers. You can then surely decrease the costs for at least 30%.

Digitalize your banking relationship with your customers

Digitalize your banking relationship with your customers

  • A customer service always available: with a digital customer follow up, your customers can now get in touch and communicate with the consultant at any given point via web channels and secured mobile.

  • Get a better understanding of your customers: use social media data, the ones filled out by your customers and the ones based off their habits to offer them the right product at the right time and maximize your sales efficacy.

  • The security is at the heart of your digital bank relationship: offer realization interface, follow up on transactions and communicate with consultants in a secured way. Particeep offers much functionality for secured data.

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