Focus on analysing data and gain maximum performance

Automate your reporting, be efficient!

Particeep’s asset management reporting platform will save your valuable time!

Create complete and automatic reporting

  • Automating
    Create reports at any time and dematerialize any type of document for your clients or partners

  • Create customized reporting
    Offer your customers the possibility to quickly create customized reporting that meet their needs

  • Adaptation
    Adapt your reporting templates to regulatory changes directly online, in just a few clicks!

Enhance your performance with a complete reporting platform

  • Connectivity
    Connect the Particeep reporting solution to your existing or validated data

  • Security
    Create your secure white label reporting platform without any IT dependency

  • Agility
    Agilize the production of your documentation with the Particeep’s customized reporting platform

Save time on your reporting actions

  • Quickness
    Create your reporting templates in few minutes to complement orto replace Pdfs (graphs, curves, tables ...)

  • Update
    Your reports are generated and retained in a single click with each update of data

  • Detailed KPIs
    Get detailed statistics for viewing your reports and behavioral analysis in your dashboard

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