Market SCPI online on your white label platform

Allow 100 % online subscription to SCPI directly or through your partner network

Your white label SCPI distribution platform available in less than a month

100 % Online Subscription

Customize the different stages of online subscription to SCPI products. Dematerialize customer knowledge, sign online subscription forms and opt for online payment if necessary. Subscription data is then sent to your internal management tools and your back office

SCPI aggregation of the market

Submit your SCPI or the SCPI of your partners on a single platform. You collect information from your private and institutional customers to offer them the opportunity to subscribe online to the SCPIs that best match their profiles

Management of Wealth Management Advisors (CGP)

Save your wealth management advisors time by offering 100 % on-line subscription to SCPIs. Manage distribution agreements and provide a personalized KYC tracking, subscription and commission space. No more paperwork, no more non-compliant subscriptions! Customers validate subscriptions made by the CGP from their secure interface

Our ambition is to democratize access to online SCPI products by facilitating the creation of a distribution platform. We want any investor to subscribe online to an SCPI on a platform from a hundred euros. This is possible with the productivity gains made with the white label SCPI distribution platform proposed by Particeep

Why create an online SCPI distribution platform?

Mass market accessible

Democratize access to SCPIs through a white label platform offering 100 % online underwriting experience from customer knowledge to payment

Increased profitability

Reduce your operational costs of customer acquisition and subscription processing. Avoid manual entries in your management tools by relying on our API to share customer data

Digital customer relationship

Publish online all news and documentation about your activities and products. Make the reports available in the document spaces. Your customers have access to all information in complete autonomy

Distribute your financial products online

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