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Crowdlending and peer to peer lending

Use the white label crowdlending platform to launch a lending or peer to peer lending activity. Your users can be individuals or companies.

Automated financial flows and scoring

Set up the loan online, integrate your scoring criteria or connect the third party service of your choice. Schedules are automatically calculated online and the associated financial flows are automated from the online payment accounts created for your users

Back office and third-party API

From our administrative back office, manage users, loans, scores and interest distribution methods (net and gross). Use your Particeep API Keys to connect third-party parts verification, scoring, and internal management tools.

We offer a fully configurable online white label crowdlending platform. Our ambition is to allow you to launch your activity of peer to peer lending or crowdlending without computing resources. We want your budget to be allocated primarily to the development of your community of lenders and borrowers

Why choose a white label crowdlending platform?


Our solutions are secured according to web and banking standards (https, encrypted data, GDPR validation, KYC customer via third party services etc.). In addition, hosting is done on a dedicated cloud or on your own servers.

Flexible schedules

From your back office, you manage personalized deadlines and offer tailored loan financing solutions. It has never been easier to starting your crowdlending or peer to peer lending business!

Defect and insurance management

The crowdlending platform integrates specific alerts to anticipate the default of a borrower. We also offer insurance solutions from our partners to guarantee the remaining capital of the lenders in case of default.

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