Create your crowdfunding platform as a white label donation

Collect online funds on your platform

Your crowdfunding platform as a ready-to-use donation

Design and content

Integrate your design, your content pages from your back office. Configure your donor and project carrier paths according to your needs on an already operational platform model

Animation and communication

Benefit from advanced community animation tools like live chat, news tracking, custom email notifications related to events on the platform you choose or sharing on social networks

Back office and connected services

Confidently pilot your crowdfunding campaigns as a donation. For example, connect counterparty tracking applications via our API or send your data to aggregating projects.

We offer a crowdfunding platform as a white label donation with a user donor and project leader experience that is among the best in the world. We want online fundraising to be possible for any organization, regardless of IT resources and skills

Why choose a crowdfunding platform as a white label donation?

Modular payment systems

Our white label crowdfunding platforms are compatible with several international payment providers. You can collect money in any currency. If you wish, your users can use crypto-currencies.

Instant configuration online

In just a few minutes, from your back office, you can launch your first online crowdfunding campaigns. If you have an existing user community, you can invite it with one click to make your platform active.

No user limit

Do not worry about the volume of users. Our white label donation crowdfunding platform ensures scalability that allows you to animate a community of millions of users!

Distribute your financial products online

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