Professional services related to Particeep solutions

A team of experts at your service to help you innovate

Our professional services related to the operational management of Particeep solutions

Operational Assistance

At your request, our teams can manage the technical administration of your platform. The management of the communication, the putting on line of the financial products to be commercialized or the launching of operations are tasks that can be supported by our teams

One-off interventions on the platform

At your request, our teams intervene punctually to configure the platform according to your new needs. They provide you with personalized support and help you to evolve your platform according to the requirements of your activity

Complementary developments

Our teams are at your disposal for any request for improvement of our solutions. Each year more than 50 % of customer requests contribute to enrich our solutions. Your requests for additional developments are integrated in our roadmap after study of our teams

Our customer relationship management team is at your disposal to provide you with fast, personalized and quality answers to our customers. We build our solutions with you and for you. Our mission is your satisfaction!

Our professional services related to the API Particeep

Integration of services or third-party applications

Our open architecture API acts as a hub and interfaces with several online services needed to market online financial products and services such as electronic signature or payment. If you want to add new services, our teams study for you the simplest, fastest and most flexible solution to integrate; then make them available in our API

Provision of a pilot project

Do you want to create a prototype solution? We put at your disposal our API so that you can quickly test your idea in your market before making heavy investments

Business experts to reduce your operational risk

Short on time? Our experts help you to simply integrate the Particeep API and associated third-party services into your technical environment. Project leaders and trainers are available to accelerate the realization of your solution and make your online distribution project a success!

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