100 % Online Subscription Platform for Wealth Management Advisors’ customers

Save time and improve the quality of your service with the Particeep online subscription platform for white label financial products

An off-the-shelf platform to dematerialise all the shares related to the underwriting of customers of wealth management advisors and financial product distributors

Adequacy of the customer profile and the proposed product

Collect online all the data and documents of your customers. Connect account aggregators and set up your customer profile to offer the best savings or investment products. Your customer profile is dematerialized, you remain compliant with regulatory changes.

Management actions for your customers

Perform on-line subscription, redemption and arbitrage transactions on behalf of your customers. Your customers follow the realization of management actions and validate subscriptions by contracting directly online. Your customers can also independently access their space, update their data, view opportunities, subscribe and follow their portfolio.

Contract dematerialization and archiving

All documents related to your management actions are automatically generated online (subscription form, consulting report, customer knowledge document). You opt for the handwritten or electronic signature. Your documents and data are then archived and accessible by you and your customer at all times. In case of audit, you have access to a history of all your actions and those of your customers.

Our ambition is to simplify online underwriting of financial products distributed by wealth management advisors (WMCs) and brokers. We offer Wealth Advisors the opportunity to upgrade to a paperless environment to reduce costs and improve customer relationship management, while remaining in compliance with current regulations. Our solutions facilitate the administrative follow-up of their mandates and fees and allow them to focus on the development of their customer portfolios.

Interface the back office management solutions or partners of your choice with the Particeep API

Account aggregation

Simplify the implementation of your customer’s wealth strategy by aggregating their different investments. Also facilitate the implementation of arbitration through custom simulators that can be integrated into the API Particeep

Access to the product offer of your choice

All the offer of the management companies partners is accessible by your customers on your white label online subscription platform. With the API Particeep, you can interface with life insurance underwriting solutions offered by some financial institutions. You track subscriptions from your customers on your platform or on partner platforms.

Access without IT development to the back office

All customer knowledge and subscription data can be sent in real time to the back office management tool of your choice (software package, CRM, mailbox). The Particeep API also interfaces with account holders for faster execution of management actions. You digitize your customer relationship and the processing of their subscriptions

Distribute your financial products online

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