Implementation of Particeep’s solutions

A quick and easy implementation of Particeep solutions to offer your services online

A configuration of your financial services platform in less than a month without developers

Your need

Describe the financial services and products you want to market online, your deadlines and your legal constraints

The Particeep solution

We offer you a white label solution that meets your needs or propose to use our API to create a personalized distribution platform

Configuration and implementation

The off-the-shelf solution is simply configured from a back office and operational in a few days without the intervention of your technical teams. In the case of the API, you realize the implementation within your user interfaces and connect the applications of your choice to your data.

Our ambition is to remove all technological barriers to the creation of distribution platforms for online financial services and products. So we’re offering off-the-shelf platforms right now and building our API so it can be integrated into your customer interfaces in just a few lines of code!

A quick implementation of our API that is limited to building your customer interfaces.

Fast implementation

We offer functional use cases of the implementation of our API and interactive documentation to test our financial services in real time. You have the ideal starting point to create your distribution solution in a matter of weeks

Dedicated support

Support is as important as the process of integrating our API. You have direct access to our teams who can investigate any problem and offer multiple solutions when implementing our API

Stay autonomous

We train the teams of our customers so that they can use the solutions of Particeep independently. We provide our customers with a number of video tutorials and a help centre to simplify the implementation of the API and get started with our white label financial distribution platforms.

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