Your co-investment and white label deal management platform

Organize your investment transactions in complete confidentiality

Pilot your investments with your partners on a white label private platform

Access on request or invitation

Your white label co-investment platform is only available upon request or at your invitation. No user that is not validated by you can access the investments

Club deals

Divide your investments according to your own rules. You thus propose to your partners to co-invest on the opportunities that correspond to their profile. You keep the total confidentiality on the operations in progress


On your co-investment and white label deal management platform you can accept opportunities from third-party platforms and your partners. You increase your volume of files and investments

We offer a turnkey co-investment and deal club management platform to simplify the conduct of multiple online investing operations. We want all investment players to benefit from quality sourcing by aggregating multiple data sources. We want investors to access online opportunity data to make their decision as quickly as possible

Why choose a white label club management co-investment platform?

Compliance and security

Your co-investment platform is not indexed by search engines. Only you, your co-investors and club member can access it. Your data are hosted in France and encrypted according to banking standards

Fast investment

Closing out multiple investments has never been easier. Each member accesses the investment record, invests and pays the funds. Once the legal phase is complete, the documents are signed online and available in the space of each member


Your club deals management platform is based on an open architecture API. You can therefore connect investment project sourcing tools or any other investment platform to exchange data related to co-investments in complete security and after prior agreement of each party

Distribute your financial products online

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