Deal flow management solution

Create a white label platform to manage and track your investments

Particeep is the best solution to create a safe deal flow management platform. The technology is available on white label and via an API to easy up the integration to your information system and to any third party services

Deal flow management

Deal flow management

  • File aggregators : Identify the investment files coming from your platform, your network or from any other apps or third party services. Particeep integrates your files into a unique format.

  • Negotiation and transaction management : get your analyst to be involved in your files or any other experts to provide an evaluation. Then you can use the integrated file management app, the online mailbox and funding management to negotiate the operation term sheets.

  • Investment follow up : Do the exit and the disbursement of your investment funds online then follow up on the performance indicators given by the company or by any third party system.

Platform connected to your information system

Platform connected to your information system

  • Secured : The platform access is built based on your security policy. Your access protocol can be fully customized and you can choose to host your platform on a particular server or internally.

  • Data transfer : At any given point you can import your data into your platform or export them to integrate them within your current tools. You can build data exchange bridges between your current tools and the platform.

  • Deal flow configuration : Your deal flow steps can be fully customized. You can work online without changing your wallet management strategy.

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