Create your white label fintech service platform

Limit your IT business with fintech service platform

No development

Particeep offers personalized investment platforms simple and easy to use. You don’t have any IT development staff to take care of, so you can just focus on the graphic theme and on the user interface.

Up-to-date technology

We offer an up to date technology. We guarantee a platform always up on the latest technology trends and built according to market standards.

One-time cost

We state a clear annual budget onto which we do not add any IT extra cost or any other development costs.

Get started quickly on your market

Quick start

We offer personalized platforms and a fully integrated API. These two solutions are easy to work with and can be launched within a week or a couple months depending on your project.

Connected platform

The open interface can easily be adapted to engines or other third party services so you can be found online within your own marketplace.

A different platform

You can customize all functionalities, user interface and third party services to your platform. Our team of experts is here to maximize your online visibility and your investment platform activities

Diversified services

Community management

Manage all types of community : donors, investors, lenders, business angels and asset managers. Our platform allows you to manage many types of accounts

Offers management

Manage all types of projects depending on your needs. Your platform can be used to seek funding for your projects or to be connected with potential business partners.
You can also manage many projects at once with our modular technology such as foundations, capital fundraises, loans , real estate projects and funds

Transaction management

Particeep allows you to manage many investment supports at once : capital, loan, bonds, donations and mutual funds.
Our transaction management module can be set online or offline.

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