Particeep API Rest

A back end engine to develop your investment marketplace

A powerful functionality engine to accelerate your development

Particeep offers an API Rest made of diverse necessary functionalities to create your investment marketplace. The API integration is made easy by an interactive documentation and platform templates. Because of the development kit (SDK), the Particeep API can be integrated within most of the program languages.

Development kit package (SDK)

Development kit package (SDK)

Ready to use source codes: use templates of current marketplace to create your customized platform with the Particeep API. You are not starting on a blank page nor developing a fully integrated platform from scratch in any given program language.
Fully integrated investment supports : The Particeep API offers many user journeys based on their functionality criteria and current policies. Your platform fits all juristic constraints for investment management. The Particeep API offers many investment supports in capital, loan, deal flow and crowdfunding.
Customized functionalities : The Particeep API has a full back office with an array of functionalities to create your investment marketplace. You can personalize your investment platform from your back office administrator to your functionalities used by your clients.
Safe document manager

Safe document manager

Security : The Particeep API offers an architecture where interactions between clients and servers are secured through traffic cryptage methods and the data is secured by an hacked algorithm. Using Particeep API can activate many other safety methods.
Automatic document generator : The API has a document generation tool based on a template. You can easily manage and optimize all of your investment documents from creation to archives.
Online signature : Particeep has integrated many online signature solutions necessary to finalize your contracts during online transactions.
Information exchange collective tool

Information exchange collective tool

Data flows aggregator : The Particeep API offers a data aggregator tool coming from websites, database or other third party apps. You can collect data used on your marketplace, partners, investors and projects to be financed.
Integrated chat software : The Particeep API can be integrated to all chat and client support software such as Zopim and Zen Desk to get the best support system for your clients
Secured internal mailbox : Get in touch with your clients or client groups in a private mailbox. Your clients can also exchange information, which will make the user experience more fun and give it a social network feel on an investment platform.
Online payment API

Online payment API

Virtual wallet (available soon) : The Particeep API is compatible with virtual wallets such as Bitcoin, which were created from the BlockChain technology. You can then create an investment platform where transactions are being paid with Bitcoins. Moreover, you can create your own kind of money with digital cash, which you can control and use only with members of your community.
Online payment : The online payment system offered by Particeep is made on digital wallet so your clients can make a payment and transfer money online. This system is available on web and mobile.
Mobile payment : The Particeep API offers to pay transactions via mobile payment with services like Orange Money that can be integrated to your investment platform.
Management cost and business template : The Particeep API offers an automatic cost management system linked to operations on your investment marketplace. You can configure your costs, deduct social costs if necessary and choose when your clients will make the payment. These costs are then directly uploaded to your digital account.
Project scoring and API risk rating

Project scoring and API risk rating

API for analysis and risk evaluation : Particeep offers third party credit reports to evaluate your credit score and funding files. Any third party credit report can be integrated within the Particeep API interface.
Particeep evaluation tools : The Particeep API allows you to create your own jury committee to oversee your projects. You can define the terms and conditions then filter your customers and partners’ comments.
Performance indicators : The Particeep API offers a reporting and follow up program on all investments. You can build your performance key indicators from your customers or accountants’ feedbacks.
Data collection and analysis

Data collection and analysis

Logs management : The Particeep API offers a key logs follow up based on your clients’ actions on the platform. You can configure your own logs, collect and save your marketplace user data.
Data import and export : The Particeep API has an interface that automatically stores your historical data of any external app from your file uploads. You can also build customized CSV reports and exports them.
Data analysis tools : The Particeep API integrates data analysis tools such as MixPanel, Hotjar and Google Analytics. These tools will drastically optimize your platform traffic.

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