Particeep API overview

This is a high level introduction of the features provided by our API.
It's a best start if you like a top-down approch to learn how to use this API. If you like more a bottom-up approch, you can start with our swagger documentation.

Particeep API will help you to dematerialize financial products and services We provide the entire subscription value chain through our API: from kyc to payment through online contract signing and back office solutions datasharing

We also provide a tech hub. We integrate a lot of third party services into our API : with only one integration you will get access to various providers such as Lemonway, MangoPay, Scores & decisions or Unversign. We add services more often. Lemonway, MangoPay, Scores & decisions or Unversign. We add services more often.

You do the technical integration only once and leverage on Particeep API to never do any new integration.

Financial product and services digitization

Our job is to modelize financial products and services in our API. there are available in through our API so that everybody can use them, sell them and build services over them

Financial product and services availability

These products are available right now in our API
More is coming soon !

Subscription full chain of value digitization

In any subscription user journey, you can do a general KYC to open a wallet for your user but you also can go deeper by adding a custom KYC tailored to your needs.

Then make your user sign the investment contract and collect their money online.
Each step is detailed by a specific tutorial on how Particeep's API will help you digitize your distribution process.
Each module is independant

The tech hub

Our API will be your last integration

We add new services useful for online financial services distribution. This range from online signature, various payment method, online KYC , account aggregation and more. By integrating our API you access to all this services. You just have to setup security, error management, testing only once. This speed up your IT integration and make you save time and money. Here are a couple of services listed

PAYMENT service
SCORING and document validation service

In case of any service continuity issue, you can switch from one provider to another by changing our API configuration, no need to do any IT integration. This has many benefics :

We manage QoS for you

The Quality of Service is important for your users. If a service goes down, we can route your request to another provider that is available. Contact us to setup a complex QoS that feet your needs.


Particeep provide you with powerful financial services distribution micro services

Reactive architecture

We follow the principle of the reactive manifesto which allow our architecture to be extremely resilient.
This is a quick summary of our microservice architecture


We're hosted on a private cloud in France. This garantees two features

  1. Your data are not under the patriot act. The EU law apply
  2. Our infrastructure are robust and scalable

Contact us to host our service in the country of your need.

Powerful backoffice

We provide a powerful administration tool that allows you to manage all your data in one place.
Some features of our backoffice

  • review KYC and validate account
  • model financial products and launch their distribution
  • manage subscription user journeys
  • add your team and roles
  • connect with your existing tools such as sales force
  • manage access rights
  • search data in real time basis
  • import / export to excel
  • all data in one place : users, transactions, products...

NB : If you miss a feature you have access to your api key to build your own back office with your own custom rule