Particeep for banks and insurance companies

Offer online subscription to your services and products in record time!

Become a platform and make your products and services accessible through our API


How do I quickly offer an online subscription to my products and services in minutes without impacting my technical department?


Our API makes it possible to show on line your repository of banking and insurance products. Our API also integrates value-added third-party services such as identity verification or electronic signature. By using our interface models, you can offer online subscriptions to your products in less than one month.


A service available online quickly. A controlled budget because there are no project management costs or specifications because we already offer models of customer interfaces that are closer to your needs. A controlled risk because your technical department intervenes at the end to deploy an operational solution on your entire network.

In an environment under regulatory and competitive pressure, the API Particeep allows banks and insurance companies to quickly offer innovative solutions to their customers. It has never been easier to create a platform, open an online account, subscribe to an online credit or join a non-life insurance online while respecting the constraints of your technical direction!

Particeep products for banks and insurance companies

API Bank

Simplify the opening of an online account for your customers and provide them with means of payment or access codes to their customer areas. Then offer your credit services online or any other third party service that may be useful to them.

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API Insurance

Collect customer data and offer tailor-made rates in real time. Your customers join online and you collect bonuses. The data is then sent to all your management tools.

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KYC online

Aggregate your customers’ data from various sources to offer them a banking service or a customized insurance product

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Distribute your financial products online

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