Crowdfunding insurance protects investors of your platform against the risk of financial loss

The API Particeep insurance allows you to offer investors on your platform the protection of their investments on your platform.

Thanks to our partner AXA, you expand your service offering with additional protection for your investment community.

The insurance service is valid only in France at the moment, contact us to be informed of the arrival of the service in your country.

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What we bring with the Particeep technlogical engine

Simple integration with your platform through a documented API
Choose up to 3 types of insurance to offer to your community
Paperless membership guaranteed for your users

Our insurance solutions

Death garanty - Complete and irreversible loss of autonomy

Valid for crowdlending platforms
Protect 100% of the remaining capital lenders in the event of death or unavailability of the project leader.

Accounts receiveable insurance

Valid for crowdlending platforms
Protect from 30 to 95% of the outstanding capital lenders in case of client default

Liquidity Guarantee

Valid for any platform
Your investors, employees or liberal professions receive 30% of their initial investment and retain ownership of their securities in the event of unemployment, bankruptcy of their company, death or unavailiability.

How does crowdfunding insurance work?

The insurance solution offers guarantees

To companies

by providing them a security for the repayment of its lenders

To investors

by providing them capital protection in case of hardship on the business or personal difficulties

To the platform

by allowing it to benefit from a recognized expert label on the selected folders

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