Launch quickly and at less costs your collaborative finance platform: crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowdequity


Users per month of our collaborative finance platforms


Of annual growth for the collaborative finance sector in 2025


Secured and customized platforms

Why use a white label collaborative finance platform?

Guarantee the success of your crowdfunding platform

  • Better user experience
    All the steps of your crowdfunding platform building are justified to guarantee a better user experience.

  • Simplified tools
    Benefit from a personalized space of management. You can manage your crowdfunding campaigns since the selection of files, up to the follow-up and at the exit of the investors. You can also communicate directly with your customers: chat, messaging…

  • Master your deadlines and your costs
    Master the situation. Thanks to several available models of platforms and thanks to the permanent support of our IT team, you will save time and money.

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Create the best crowdlending platform

  • Quick launch and less costs
    Master your budget : Thanks to the Particeep’s technology, you won’t need to recruit an IT team to create and integrate third party services to your crowdlending platform.

  • Follow-up of your crowdlending campaigns
    Launch quickly your crowdlending platform. From your intuitive interface you can automatically test your files eligibility, evaluate risks, validate conditions and reimbursement creditor terms and start on your own crowdlending.

  • Reimbursement and interest management
    Particeep offers many customized functionalities to manage interest and reimbursement system. Your lenders can choose to receive net or gross interests to satisfy their wishes. The financial flow reimbursement linked to crowdlending is automatic. The project accounts are collected and their lenders are reimbursed automatically based on the creditors.

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Create investment platforms

  • Manage your investment portfolio
    Particeep offers you a complete and a safe deal-flow management. The technology is available on white label and via an API of an easy integration to your information system and to any third party services.

  • Create coinvestment private platforms for business angels
    Manage your online investment activities from the files on company selection to the participants’ exit. You can organize your club deals and put together your financial partners on a unique platform.

  • Manage quickly and easily your operations
    The management of your back-office is simplified. You won’t need to have many administrators. All the functionalities are customized to allow you a better user experience.

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