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Online management of investments

Online management of investments

  • Dedicated accounts for your partners
    Allow your partners to collaborate with you on all financial files in a simple way. They can forward a file, evaluate it or co-invest on it.

  • Sourcing organization
    Companies looking for funding get access to a private interface to follow up on their files and to communicate with their teams and investors.

  • Knowledgeable expertise
    Our operation and technical teams support you all the way from the setting up phase, launch to operation management.

Secure sharing and exchange of information

Secure sharing and exchange of information

  • Manage funding requests
    You can follow up on your files’ evaluations, get access to a document interface and communicate live with referrers.

  • Create user groups
    Organize access to your interlocutors and define user groups with whom you want to share information on a particular project.

  • Third party services integration
    Our API allows you to connect your platform with third party services such as e-signature, payment method, or with your own information system.

Data collection reporting

Data collection reporting

  • Security
    Our data are made secured via certificates and daily saving updates. You can export all data on Excel or other at any given time.

  • Activity statistic
    Update your stats and view them on any format. You can personalize your activity reports and follow up on your files’ performances.

  • Scalability
    Your platform is automatically hosted on an extensive cloud based on your activity. You can also choose to host it on another dedicated server.

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