Banks and financial institutions

A personnalized white label fnancial services platform

Banks, master your budget on IT projects

Manage your costs

Banking software are often found to be expensive and are easily out of date. Particeep’s unique technology allows you to build your customized disruptive platform and to stay up to date on technology trends with a budget half the cost of other internal or SS21 ones.

Save time

Particeep builds a functionality suite necessary to all financial operations. This technology engine is also accessible via an API and allows you to save time and to focus on your clients’ user experience and not on any other functionality.

Fast execution

The Particeep API allows you to save time on the development side because everything is already set and integrated for you. You can develop a specific platform based on a functional and strong engine and speed up the project process. It is a lot faster to launch a platform with Particeep than it is with SS21 or other internal developments

New digital solutions for your clients

A module technology for your digital applications

The Particeep API offers much functionalities for banks to create a disruptive solution according to their clients’ needs. Our team has a strong expertise in the banking industry and is available at anytime to help you manage our technology.

Many application functionalities

The Particeep API offers much functionality throughout the value management channel of non-rated investment operations. You can easily get started on your marketplace, crowdfunding platforms, private funding and even on reporting for your clients.

Minimize the digital impact

The Particeep API simplifies your digital transformation process. You can then offer multiple disruptive solutions to your clients without impacting your current process.

Catch up on Fintechs

A simple Particeep API integration

You do not need anymore to launch large IT projects to improve your information system. The Particeep API can easily be integrated to your current platform and follows all banking security policies.

Particeep API connectivity

To stay up to date with tomorrow’s technologies you have to open up to the world’s latest trends. The Particeep API was built to connect with any third party systems. You can then easily get started on secured data exchange protocols to connect third party or internal applications.

Technology ownership

The Particeep API offers the possibility for banks to develop their customized platforms within their own environment and to own the code source for their project. Our team of experts is available to you to help you set all platform functionalities and personal requests.

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