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Gain of performance

1 Month

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Secured platform

Particeep, the expert of the asset management digital transformation

Better understanding of your clients’ needs

  • Better customer knowledge
    Access your customers information and offer the right product. Follow the history of changing their risk profile.

  • 100% Online subscription
    Go to zero paper, offer a personalized space dedicated to your customers, digitize your customer relationship.

  • Online and custom reporting
    Track your clients’ performance in real time. Provide a secure reporting platform for your customers to track their subscriptions’ performance and view activity reports.

Increase your performance

  • Reduce your costs
    With our distribution platform, optimize your profitability by reducing your customers’ acquisition cost and your subscriptions back-office processing

  • Increase your volumes
    Display all of your products at once on your platform. Your clients or signed up prospects will automatically get a notification email. Rate your customers’ interests on your products and optimize your collection fees.

  • Higher number of subscribers
    Target an array of investors on your online distribution platform. You can update your offer based on your client data and get in touch with investors on lower tickets who are not apart of any asset management companies. Reach generation Y investors with a unique digital subscription experience!

Get your distribution network all in one place

  • A dedicated account for your wealth management advisors
    Follow the activity of your distribution network by connecting wealth management advisors to your online platform.

  • Reach diverse investors
    Market your products beyond your borders and use the customer data collected by the platform to offer them tailor-made opportunities

  • Use our collaborative platform
    With the dashboard, ajust your sales strategy to optimize your subscription rates with our collaborative platform.

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