Asset management

Market your products online and automate your reportings

Asset managers, offer online subscription for your customers

Customer knowledge

Give your customers access to an intuitive interface where they can fill out their profile information and their investment criteria. You can also collect all information you need about your clients and target their needs to offer them the best products such as a clear follow up on their profile updates.


Your customers have also access to our intuitive search engines to find the best products that match their needs. Then they can also look up the product’s description and subscribe to it. The subscription can be done online with or without help from your support staff. Your customers can sign off all documents online and make the payments via wire transfer.

Follow up on performances

Use all of the communication tools available from document management to reporting to stay transparent with your clients. You can also allow access to your clients to all types of quantitative or qualitative data.
From their dashboard your customers can follow up on their subscription live and get access to your online staff support.

Find new investors

Decrease your costs

Optimize your revenue by decreasing the acquisition and back office subscription costs for your customers with Particeep online distribution platform.

Increase your volumes

Display all of your products at once on your platform. Your clients or signed up prospects will automatically get a notification email. Rate your customers’ interests on your products and optimize your collection fees.

Higher number of subscribers

Target an array of investors on your online distribution platform. You can update your offer based on your client data and get in touch with investors on lower tickets who are not apart of any asset management companies.
Reach generation Y investors with a unique digital subscription experience !

Get your distribution network all in one place

Private interface for your wealth management advisors

Use the partner module to give a personal dashboard to each of your asset managers with whom you are working with, so that they can manage their clients online.

Network activity dashboard

Get your distribution network together, follow up on activities and make statistical decisions to optimize your collection rate on an intuitive platform.

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