Market your financial services online

Digitize your product offering and interface your information systems with the Particeep API

With our API your customers can subscribe to your online financial services in minutes

Unique integration of our Rest API

Our API integrates turnkey financial services and all third-party services useful for online subscription such as electronic signature or payment. We also offer sample code to integrate with your online subscription interfaces

240+ turnkey financial services

Our API offers turnkey micro-services to replicate your banking service, your investment product and insurance product online. You move quickly from a paper or product repository only available in your databases to a product repository accessible in a single API.

No impact for your technical team

Our API easily interfaces with your existing tools regardless of the required data format. There is therefore no development for your technical team to do to integrate customer data into your internal management tools, your core-banking or all the software packages used by your employees.

Choose the APIs you want to integrate into your online financial services distribution customer interface. You only have to integrate the Particeep API and configure your system to access all third-party services

Develop new online services and leverage your customer data


Submit the subscription online to your account opening and financing services. Show your banking services and data in our API so that they can be used by specifiers or partners for innovation.


Your insurance product repository is available online. Your customers subscribe in minutes either live or through your distribution network. Your subscription data is then available in your management tools. You do not modify your existing procedures.


Create new financial services accelerate your development and test your market quickly with the Particeep API. We also offer turnkey financing and investment platforms based on our API to get you started in a few days.

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