Market your insurance online with the API Particeep

Submit a 100 % online subscription to your insurance products

Your insurance products are available for subscription online through the API Particeep

Your non-life insurance products available on websites and mobile

Our API makes it possible to reproduce online the premium calculation method associated with each insurance product. The subscriber can therefore be offered a custom pricing and subscribe online guarantees offered by an insurer

An insurance subscription 100 % online

The integration of our API on a website or mobile means customer data can be collected, a pricing associated with each guarantee offered, as well as subscription and payment of premiums online. Insurance underwriting can take place at any stage of the customer route

A real-time connection with the insurer’s back office

The API Particeep collects the data of the adhesions to the insurance contracts. This data is then formatted according to the needs of the insurer to ensure optimal data exchange between the API Particeep and the insurer’s management services

Our ambition is to enable insurers to market their insurance products online on their own platforms and on partner platforms very quickly. This is why we offer an integration of their guarantees in our API so that they can be integrated by the platforms offered to customers during their online financial transactions.

Market your insurance products online without changing contract management

A growth relay for insurers

Your products are marketed online by different prescribers. You increase online membership volumes and you do not change your policy and claims management

The change to a paperless environment for prescribers

Are you an online financing platform? A broker? A general agent? No more paper subscriptions. You save time because insurance contracts are signed online and premiums collected immediately and then paid to insurers

Personalized guarantees for the end customer

The Particeep API is compatible with several insurance offers. The customer can therefore be offered the guarantee best suited to the operation they perform online on a platform. Our API already includes the AXA Group’s Death-PTIA guarantee allowing the customer to hedge against a default on an online loan.

Distribute your financial products online

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