Launch your on-line financing solution with the Particeep API

Offer capital, loan or bond financing solutions online

Add funding solutions to your platform with our API

API rest-full

Our API allows you to aggregate financing solutions from different sources on your platform. You develop your intermediation activity in online financing solutions. You easily connect data from your business contributors.

Credit analysis

Our API offers third-party scoring and credit analysis services to assess the risks associated with applications for financing. You can also integrate your own credit analysis rules into the platform to reduce funding delays.

Back-office tracking

You monitor the requests and have direct access to all your data. It is therefore very easy to monitor your activity and the activity of your partners. If you are an intermediary, you can change the management rules of your financial partners.

Our API makes it easy to offer online financing solutions via a platform. You can launch your own financing activity or become a financial intermediary by aggregating the solutions of several different funders. We want financial companies to offer tailor-made financing solutions that can be purchased in minutes.

Expand your online finance business

Agreement-in-Principle Online

With our API, you offer an immediate agreement in principle to funding applicants. Financing has never been so fast on a platform! You innovate, you differentiate and you are competitive in your market!

Quick launch

You have an operational white label funding platform immediately. You drive your online finance business and save time by dematerialising your funding processes

Keep your management tools

All data on your platform is sent to your management systems. You increase your file volumes, offer a better customer experience without impacting your internal policy of managing contracts and commissions.

Distribute your financial products online

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