240+ micro-services bancaires et assurances prêts à l’emploi

Our BankInsure API offers you a bundle of ready-to-use banking and insurance services to commercialise your financial services online. Gain access to turnkey micro-services and a hub of interchangable third party services via a single BankInsure API integration.

The BankInsure API to build your online financial services

Innovate and reference your products via an API

By connecting yourself to the Particeep API, you make your internally developed products and services securely accessible while maintaining access control.

Connect your information system

The Particeep API adapts itself to your data exchange protocol. Client data will be accessible and administrated in all security by your information management from the provided back office.

Pool your online client journeys

Your client subscription journey is based on an open API and can be deployed rapidly within different entities or branches.

In a context shaken by new digital financial uses, we have created the BankInsure API to democratize the online sale of banking and insurance products. The BankInsure API allows any actor to display his financial products online, to make them available for a 100 % online and secure registration.

Why use the Particeep BankInsure API ?

An open API to transform any site or application in a fully-fledged banking branch

The Particeep BankInsure API integrates conformity aspects of MIFID and PSD2 and allows you to render your client data and your product / service offering referentials accessible online. Moreover, you create new sources of growth and allow any third party to access your validation to your products and then distribute them.

A complete API to offer a 100% digital purchasing of insurance policies

The BankInsure API renders your referential insurance products accessible in an API. It simplifies client data collection, automation of data verification, personalised pricing calculation, price comparison and online client engagement on any insurer’s, broker’s or any other website or web application.

Particeep BankInsure API, to build your digital bank quickly

The BankInsure API consists of micro-services and integrated third party servicees allowing you to commercialise your banking products online. You can deploy online payment and credit account opening services in a few weeks (CB, IBAN).In addition, you offer an end-to-end subscription journey to your clients and interface with your existing production tools.

Some BankInsureAPI use cases

Online bank account opening

Offer online registration to agreements for payment account openings

  • Strong authentification service

  • Data collection service

  • Verification and automation of control points service

  • Verification of identification documents service (third parties)

  • Scoring service (Particeep and third parties)

  • Pricing service

  • Automatic contract generation service

  • Electronic signature service (third parties)

  • Bank account creation service (third parties)

Online credit request and grant

Grant loans online in less than 10 minutes

  • Payment account opening service (option)

  • Account aggregation service (third parties)

  • Eligibility service

  • Commercial credit offer service (Particeep and third parties)

  • Automatic contract generation service

  • Electronic signature service (third parties)

  • Production tool connection service (third parties)

  • Statistics and data analysis service

P&C or credit insurance registration

Deployment on broker’s site or on application offering credit insurance

  • Access request to referenced offers service

  • Strong authentfication service

  • Data and document collection service

  • Verification and automation of control points service

  • Verification of identification documents service (third parties)

  • Pricing and comparison service

  • Automatic contract generation service

  • Electronic signature service (third parties)

  • Payment service (third parties)

  • Connection with production tools service

Discover the financial services distribution API in 2 minutes

Commercialising online your banking and insurance services becomes a game of Lego

Data and document collection

Automation of control points

Document verification

Strong authentification

Accounts aggregator

Bank account (CB, IBAN)



Financial investment



Edit documentation



Distribution agreement






Distribute your financial products online

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