Bring online your investment platforms with Particeep’s API

Cloud-based technology, Particeep enables secure creation of your investment platforms

Particeep offers a Rest API made up of ready-to-use features to create your investment plateform.

Easy and quick development

Easy and quick development

  • Ready-to-use source code
    Use the architecture templates to create your own investment platform with Particeep’s API. You develop your platform in any programming language.

  • Tunkey investment supports
    Particeep API offers several turnkey and modular investment user journeys. These integrate the possibility of investing in equity, in loan, in bond, in donation or via a completely customized support.

  • Reporting and follow-up services
    Particeep’s API offers a complete back office with several useful features to create your investment platform. You customize your entire investment platform, from the back office administrator to the functionalities used by your customers.

Security and interoperability

Security and interoperability

  • Platform and secure payments
    Particeep API offers an architecture where the data is secured by several encryption methods. Integrated payment providers guarantee the security of all cash flows.

  • Confidentiality of documents and e-signature
    The API offers a modular document management solution allowing the management of confidentiality, automatic generation of contractual documents, electronic signature and archiving.

  • Communication and social networks
    Particeep integrates several messaging and communication solutions necessary for the management of users in the context of financing operations.

Third party rating service

Third party rating service

  • API for analysis and risk evaluation
    Particeep offers third party credit reports to evaluate your credit score and funding files. Any third party credit report can be integrated within Particeep’s API.

  • Particeep powerful evaluation tools
    Particeep’s API allows you to create your own jury committee to evaluate your projects. You can define the terms and conditions then filter your customers and partners’ comments.

  • Reporting and follow-up services
    The Particeep API offers a reporting and follow up program on all investments. You can build your performance key indicators from your customers or accountants’ feedbacks.

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