Integrate a crowdfunding insurance at your platform through the API Particeep

Allow an online subscription to the crowdfunding insurance

The crowdfunding insurance is implemented in a few days

A simple integration at your platform with Particeep’s API

  • Fast eligibility
    To integrate the insurance solution, your crowdfunding platform must be eligible. To obtain the eligibility file, contact us.

  • Guaranteed set-up
    The crowdfunding insurance service offered by the API Particeep integrates with any crowdfunding platform in just a few days!

  • User experience not impacted
    The integration of the crowdfunding insurance by Particeep is done through a powerful API. You have the control of your user experience and you choose at what stage your clients could subscribe to the insurance.

A comprehensive guarantee offer with 3 types of AXA Creditor insurances

  • Death guarantee - Complete and irreversible loss of autonomy
    This crowdfunding insurance helps to protect 100% of the remaining capital ofthe lenders in the event of death or disability of the project holder.

  • Accounts receiveable insurance
    This insurance is available for crowdlending platforms. It allows protection from 30 to 95% of the outstanding capital lenders in case of client default.

  • Liquidity guarantee
    With this guarantee, your investors, employees or liberal professions receive 30% of their initial investment and retain ownership of their securities in the event of unemployment, bankruptcy of their company, death or unavailiability.

A crowdfunding insurance with triple added value

  • For companies
    The crowdfunding insurance implemented by Particeep provides companies security for the repayment of their lenders

  • For investors
    By providing them capital protection in case of hardship on the business or personal difficulties

  • For the platform
    By offering a dematerialized subscription solution to insurance products to its users, the platform benefits from a recognized expert on the selected folders

How does crowdfunding insurance work?

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